Summer Games University

SGU is a Christian summer camp for students who have completed grades 6-12. This one-week camp is an experiential, relationship focused camp where students will have the opportunity to learn more about who Jesus is and build relationships with other Christian students.

We lead an experiential, relational week of camp. During the week, we:

Worship together to encounter God’s love

Our purposeful worship themes, messages, and songs that help youth understand our Creator and help them engage in a meaningful relationship with Him. It’s a pretty awesome experience.

Spend time exploring and studying God’s Word

We have time each day for studying the Bible and exploring what God’s word has to offer for our lives. These times happen with other campers either in huddle-times or in common areas of their dorm.

Engage in meaningful peer relationships

Whether through sharing a personal story, studying the Bible, worshiping together or praying for each other, youth grow and engage relationships with other youth their age. These connections provide youth with a network of peers they can keep in touch with outside of camp.

Take action steps to grow faith

Throughout the week, youth will have many opportunities to take action steps to commit to Christ, grow in their faith, and make commitments to breakaway from sins in their lives. These opportunities help youth grow and engage in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Play games and eat food

Games and food are always in abundance! Youth enjoy all-you-can-eat meals after playing lots of intramural style games.

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Print Forms for SGU

Download and print off forms you need for Summer Games University!

Scholarships for Pursiing Ministry

Summer Games University offers two different scholarship opportunities to SGU alumni who are attending programs to train and develop in the call to full-time ministry. You can apply for one or both of the scholarship programs.

Stan Wierson Summer Games International Seminary Scholarship

A new scholarship is available through Summer Games International, called the Stan Wierson Summer Games International Seminary Scholarship.

This scholarship is available to those who have participated in the Summer Games camping ministry and are currently attending a seminary.

Deadline to apply is June 1st of each year you are in seminary.

To request application form contact Elaine Knudtson.

Scholarship for Pursuing a Call to Ministry

This scholarship continues to be available to any Summer Games alumni who is attending a program to train and develop in the call to full-time ministry, whether through a traditional seminary or another program.

Apply for this Scholarship

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